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West Bank:
The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) provided a grant to BCI Communications & Advanced Technologies Ltd. (BCI) in Palestine/West Bank to fund an Assistance activity designed to provide business and acquisition advisory services, technical analysis, and human resources training related to the establishment of a WiMax broadband wireless network serving the West Bank. A contract was awarded to RCG to support BCI with the development, acquisition, and deployment of this effort. Tasks performed by RCG in support of this effort were:
Initially, RCG performed acquisition support for BCI. RCG evaluated proposals that had been submitted; outlined their strengths and weaknesses; performed a gap analysis; developed a revised statement of work and solicitation that would accurately reflect the needs of the customer; conducted price/cost analysis and outlined in detail the cost structures for various components; developed a solution; developed evaluation criteria for award; and assisted with negotiations. Post award activities provided by RCG were:

  • Task 1: Development of a Project Management Plan with scheduled milestones and budget considerations
  • Task 2 and 3: Development of Network Operations and Maintenance Procedures
  • Task 4: Development of Customer Care Procedures
  • Task 5: Sales and Marketing Strategy and Development
  • Task 6: Business Plan Development
  • Task 7 and 9: Economic and Developmental Impact Analysis
  • Task 8: Environment Impact Assessment

Metropolitan Network Project in Wroclaw, Poland:
Prepared Engineering, Marketing, Regulatory, Environmental, Business and Financing plans for the expansion of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Wroclaw, Poland, operated by the Municipal Water Utility, into a voice, video and data network. The plans addressed all aspects of the business from the laying of new fiber optic cables to WiMax access and programming recommendations and costs. The project was funded by the U.S. Trade Development Agency (USTDA).

Nationwide WiMAX Network in Haiti:
Prepared a feasibility study and Business Plan for a nationwide voice and data network in Haiti involving a hybrid fiber/microwave backbone network and WiMAX wireless technology for network access. The study was done on behalf of a Haitian company which was granted a nationwide frequency allocation and license for WiMAX-based services.

Architected a nationwide Saudi Arabia network for a U.S. client.
The network used WiMAX technology that interconnected cities with fiber optic transmission lines.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC):
Prepared a due diligence study of Comsat International at the request of OPIC as part of its evaluation of a potential loan.

International Motion Controls (now part of ITT Corporation):
Prepared a five-year internal Telecom Plan for this large multinational corporation. Developed equipment, service and organizational plans for all IMC corporate networks encompassing voice, data, Internet, messaging and wireless services.

Teleglobe Global Broadband Network:
RCG was retained by Teleglobe to architect a global 22 nation multi-layer Broadband network that offered service from layer one through layer four. Layer one was based on multi-fiber, DWDM technology. In-country networks were structured to provide the same voice, data and video services as the backbone network itself, making sure that Quality of Service (QoS) was consistent across the network.

Sprint International Global ATM Network:
RCG prepared a detailed two- layer architecture allowing Sprint International to offer ATM Services to its customers worldwide. The architecture work led to a global Request for Proposal (RFP) effort that culminated in the selection of an ATM equipment vendor.

Sprint International Overseas Expansion Program:
Prepared the strategic and individual country plans for Sprint International's expansion into 65 countries via country subsidiaries, joint ventures and bi-lateral relationships. Encompassed all international services and facilities including voice, video, data (X.25, Frame Relay, ATM and IP), and messaging.

Comsat International:
Managed Comsat’s expansion program in Latin America through a series of acquisitions in Mexico, Central America and Brazil. Negotiated acquisition agreements and managed transition programs for integrating acquired companies.

Comsat International:
Prepared Strategic Plan for Comsat International, including its regional operations in Latin America and its operations in the Middle East.

1eEurope, Ltd:
Founded one of the first pan-European B2B e-business technology services companies, operating across 10 European markets. Formulated the vision, strategy, business plan, and capital structure to establish a company that helped major business clients throughout Europe transition to new Internet-based services and business processes to reduce costs, expand sales, and improve customer retention.

REN Media:
Assisted this Russian Media conglomerate in developing plans for international distribution of its inventory of English and European-language films and television programs via Web, Video and cable/satellite facilities.

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