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Success Stories

Here are a few examples of projects we’ve completed for national and international clients. To learn more about working with us, you’re invited to view Why RCG.

National Weather Service Dissemination Systems
The mission of the National Weather Service (NWS) is to provide weather, hydrologic, and related information for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters, and ocean areas for the protection of life and property.

RCG assists in fulfilling this mission through the support of several NWS dissemination systems, such as.

1) The International Satellite Communications Network, providing aviation weather data to meteorological services and airports throughout the world. RCG has helped manage the growth of the network since its inception in 1993 to its dissemination to over 95 countries worldwide today.

2) The NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards network, broadcasting hazard alerts such as tornado and hurricane warnings to over 90% of America’s population. RCG has assisted in the expansion of this system to over 1,000 transmitters located throughout the U.S.

Department of Commerce Digital Infrastructure
When technology infusion became necessary for the Department of Commerce to fulfill its mission, the CHM/RCG team was called on to design a solution for the entire HCHB Headquarter's building.

RCG conducted a full inventory of the current infrastructure and identified future requirements. The information gleaned from the effort provided the basis for our designing and implementing a fiber backbone with VoIP implementation for the building, which spans an entire city block and covers 5,000 employees.

The new infrastructure is transformational, provides emergency broadcast to all phones, meets all federal security requirements – including those for teleworking – and includes capabilities for IPTV.

NOAA Computer Incident Response Team Security Office
More than 15 years ago, RCG was tasked to conduct follow-on work performed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for performing security risk analysis of all major NOAA line office facilities in the Washington, DC area. RCG collaborated with the NASA Systems Incident Response Capability (NASIRC) in developing security guidelines and policies that established the NOAA Computer Incident Response Team (N-CIRT) office.

Since then, RCG has provided ongoing technical support to NOAA CIRT offices as they have expanded from one office with a single staff member to multiple locations around the nation, beginning in Silver Spring, Md. and expanding to Boulder, Colo. and Seattle, Wash.

Sprint International Global ATM Network
RCG prepared a detailed two-layer architecture allowing Sprint International to offer ATM Services to its customers worldwide. The architecture work led to a global Request for Proposal (RFP) effort that culminated in the selection of an ATM equipment vendor.

Feasibility Study for Telecom Network Expansion in Poland
U.S. Trade and Development Agency, Client
MPEC Wroclaw required an examination of the expansion of its telecommunications assets and services.  As part of its modernization process following a flood in Wroclaw in 1997, MPEC formed a subsidiary called e-Wro to focus on the operation and management of MPEC’s telecommunications facilities and the provision of Internet access services and other future telecom and media services.  RCG was retained to produce a feasibility and planning study for the most appropriate approach, associated investment and resource requirements using technical, legal, and business expertise.

Overlapping work included information gathering; market assessment; legal/regulatory assessment; technical assessment, planning and design; implementation plan; and financial analysis, projections and budgets.  The project was concluded with an in-country briefing and master final report with two subsets:  one for investors, and one for public distribution.

This feasibility study was funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.  The e-Wro project helped stimulate competition and greater awareness of the benefits of broadband services for the City of Wroclaw, which in turn benefited smaller cities in that region of the country which began similar broadband service ventures.

Comsat International Expansion
RCG managed Comsat’s expansion program in Latin America, consisting of a series of acquisitions in Mexico, Central America and Brazil.  We negotiated acquisition agreements and managed transition programs for integrating acquired companies.

U.S. Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration, responsible for the growth of small business concerns in America, lacked the ability to communicate effectively among its 110 field offices. RCG was therefore retained to design and deploy a solution. Our team designed a wide-area network based on dual-homed, redundant circuits, with disparate primary and back-up hub facilities. Since installation, RCG has implemented several technological enhancements to the network. It is still in operation, providing solutions to SBA today. See success stories from our international consulting team.
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Success Stories