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We support some of the world’s major carriers with state-of-the-art services. To learn more, click a service below.    

VoIP Triple Play Services
Broadband Networks IPV6
Trusted Internet Connection Telecommunications Site Surveys
Cabling and Installation

We’ve helped major carriers modernize their networks.
Put our expertise to work for yours.

RCG experts have designed many VoIP networks for clients who need to integrate multiple services and lower costs. We stay at the leading edge of VoIP technology – allowing us to provide our clients with highly flexible, cost-effective broadband services.

Our teams can help government agencies implement a smooth transition to unify services into a common network with common end-user devices.  We can also plan and implement upgrades to keep client networks at the forefront of transmission technologies.

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Broadband Networks
Wired or wireless. Local or global.
We bring it all together for you.

RCG has experience architecting wired and wireless networks for carriers and end-users alike.
Furthermore, we can make these networks fully capable of supporting Triple Play (e.g. voice, data and video) services.

Our specialists have engineered wired networks using DWDM and CWDM technologies for national and International carriers. In the wireless domain, we have used Wimax technology to engineer nationwide carrier networks to provide voice, data and video services.

We provide thorough planning up-front, using experience and lessons learned to ensure each project is completed on time and on budget.

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Trusted Internet Connection
We identify and integrate TIC requirements,
working to simplify compliance.

RCG can simplify your network’s optimization of Internet connection points in compliance with the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) initiative. RCG has identified TIC requirements and helped government integrate TIC in its enterprise architecture along with IPv6 and Networx.

We can apply effective, efficient ways to reduce your network’s points of exposure, thus lowering risks and strengthening the infrastructure’s security posture.

TIC Background
TIC was mandated in an OMB M-08-05 Memorandum issued in November 2007. The objective is to optimize individual external connections including Internet points of presence currently in use by the federal government.

The initiative includes a program for improving the federal government’s incident response capability through centralized gateway monitoring at a select group of TIC Access Providers (TICAP).

We can help you with every aspect of TIC compliance, from identifying requirements to integrating, testing and monitoring network security.

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Increase your high-speed capabilities 
using proven technologies.        

RCG can help your agency improve high-speed data exchange through Internet2. The I2 has become a platform for collaboration among researchers, academic institutes, and government agencies, and is used for data exchange at very high speeds (gbps) for those applications that require high bandwidths. Telemedicine, for example, employs applications requiring high-bandwidth over I2.

Internet2 Background
Internet2 is a not-for-profit advanced networking consortium comprising more than 200 U.S. universities in cooperation with 70 leading corporations, 45 government agencies, laboratories and other institutions of higher learning as well as over 50 international partner organizations. 

Internet2 and its participants provide network infrastructure and facilities for network researchers.  The group also participates in research efforts funded by various agencies.

RCG Simplifies I2 Upgrades
RCG has experience supporting government with I2 acquisition and applications. Tell us your objectives and we can develop and implement a direct, cost-effective plan to provide high-speed, secure capabilities using the I2 platform.   

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Triple Play Services
Let us integrate your technology
and lower your costs.

RCG can modernize your wired or wireless network to provide powerful Triple Play capabilities – integrating voice, data and video services.  We have handled every phase, from feasibility studies and business planning to engineering networks for Triple Play functionality.

Our engineers will ensure optimal resource allocation by using appropriate Quality of Service (QoS) for each Triple Play service. Your users will receive maximum functionality while your agency will receive the benefit of lowered costs. 

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Voice, data, video. Lowered risks
of transition through tested strategies.

RCG has extensive experience helping government agencies comply with IPv6 requirements. We have helped government agencies modernize LAN infrastructures to support Dual Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) technology.

IPv6 Background
IPv6 is a next-generation protocol poised to replace IPv4. The Office of Management and Budget Memo M-05-22, issued in August 2005, mandated that all government agencies and departments ensure their network backbones are IPv6-compatible by June 2008.

We Can Simplify Your Transition to IPv6
RCG can help your organization transition to IPv6 using optimum transition strategies. In addition to helping clients modernize their networks, we have assisted with transition planning studies to demonstrate IPv6 capability.

Our plans include strategies to mitigate increased security vulnerabilities that can occur during transition due to increased attack surface risks.

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Telecommunications Site Surveys
Accurate inventory. In-depth reports.
Let us handle the task for you.

RCG has traveled nationwide to conduct multiple local and nationwide site surveys, providing  accurate inventories of customers’ communications infrastructure (including power, HVAC, etc.) for development of comprehensive, up-to-date databases. This information simplifies the migration of remote sites to new agency networks.

Dedicated to the Details
At the start of each research project, we design a customized site survey form. Then at each site, we take a detailed inventory that documents each infrastructure element such as lines feeding the building, PBX, switches, routers, data service, video service, power and space.

Clients receive an in-depth report for each site that includes communications diagrams and photographs of switch rooms and equipment, arranged for ease of use in modernization planning. 

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Cabling and Installation
Design. Maintenance. Upgrades.
We’ll keep you connected.

RCG provides full cabling and installation services from design to testing, from installation to troubleshooting infrastructure failures.

Our installation services include:
• Voice and data cabling for commercial and government use
• Coaxial cabling
• Audio/video, fiber and riser backbones

We thoroughly test all of our cabling work, providing interpretation-free pass/fail results. 

Cabling and Labeling
In our backbone cabling work, we use riser cat.3 / 5 for analog and circuit extensions, fiber coax and shielded cable for higher speed connectivity from Dmarc (LEC) to the MDF (customer telecom room), and fiber and riser backbone cabling from MDF to IDFs for inner-connectivity. 

Our horizontal cabling includes installation of copper and fiber from MDF and IDFs to work station applications, wall terminations through floor, ceiling and system furniture, and hybrid cabling for CCTV, audio and video devices.

We provide accurate, highly durable labeling using K-Sun products to identify equipment, source and connection locations. 

Design Services
RCG also provides design and consulting services, producing architecture blueprints for cabling and installation planning and future growth. Our designs are streamlined yet comprehensive, taking into account future needs as well as current requirements.

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