About Us

RCG and the Community.

RCG cares about the community. We appreciate the opportunities that have led to our growth and welcome the chance to support positive causes, both as individuals and as a company.

Our Company

RCG is an active member in the community. RCG contributes annually to local volunteer fire departments as well as sponsor the Little League Baseball teams.

Our Employees

Here are how some of our employees contribute to the community:

Traveling overseas and to cities such as New Orleans to assist with building programs, helping communities expand or rebuild following a setback. Employees volunteer their time and vacation days to help with these projects.

Working with church programs to prepare and distribute food for the elderly, handicapped and needy; volunteering IT services such as web creation and maintenance; serving in church leadership positions.

Volunteering for organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Little League, schools and sports teams, helping give local youth ethical guidance and positive experiences that raise confidence.

Helping in the community such as working with animal shelters and contributing to ESL programs.

Fundraising and helping develop events to support non-profit and civic organizations, from charities to a town’s Oktoberfest.







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